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Care Bill, Better Care Fund Plans and Integration

Monday, May 12th, 2014

May 2014 – The Care Bill seeks to define the legislative context for care and support practice for many years to come. In this context, ‘practice’ embraces a wide range of activities that collectively define a person’s journey through the care and support system. The Bill contains provisions relating to adult care and support, care standards, health education and research.

The Bill is fundamentally about people – those with care and support needs now and in the future and those caring for them – with provisions seeking to:

  • Clarify and enhance the social care ‘offer’ to clients and carers (including those who fund their own care) – with a strong emphasis on promoting well-being and preventing, delaying and reducing needs
  • Ensure a diverse, high quality and sustainable market for care & support services
  • Organise the resources that are available within the system in a way that ensures better integration across health and social care provision
  • Introduce funding reforms that seek to cap individuals’ care costs and allow for the deferral of payments for care and support.

Impact Change Solutions is helping ADASS West Midlands to prepare for legislative change, working to co-ordinate plans locally whilst supporting the work of the joint DH / LGA national programme office.