Welcome to our dedicated web site, the top resource for Market Shaping in Adult Social Care in the UK.

Building on our experience of managing the Mobilising Community Capital Programme with all 14 Local Authorities in the West Midlands, we work with Directors of Adult Social Care to deliver a bespoke market shaping service that will increase choice, quality and efficiency in line with ‘think local, act personal’.

Our modular approach means that services can be customised and separately commissioned, and we will work to ensure that the optimum mix of services will be designed to maximise efficiency and savings.

Adult Social CareWhy is market shaping important?

Market shaping is an externally focussed set of activities that look at the market (demand and supply) for care services, and allow local authorities and their partners to shape and optimise the provision of those services and is an increasingly important part of transforming Adult Social Care

“Councils and their partners need to understand their local context regarding care and support needs, and the relative supply position, if they are to develop a diverse range of high quality provision that people want. ‘Market Position Statements’ (of the kind recommended by the National Market Development Forum) and market development strategies can be produced to assist this.”

Think Local, Act Personal, January 2011

The Law Commission has also recently announced proposals to place specific duties on Local Authorities to provide Information and Advice  services and shape the local market.

How we can help you deliver personalisation at the right price with outstanding results

Our market shaping package is unique, with an experienced team meaning that work is focused and cost effective. Our modular approach allows you to build a tailored solution and enhance internal capacity.

We understand the way that market shaping fits with other transformation activities, immediately optimising savings and minimising wasted effort. We also have a broad selection of delivery partners with the highest level of expertise.

Contact us now on enquiries@marketshaping.co.uk so that we
can work with you to deliver a top class result.

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